To your needs

A professional Pre-Purchase Survey doesn’t have to be expensive. In particular, when the costs are transparent and the included services are clearly understandable.

In order to meet your needs as individually as possible, you have plenty of options to  adapt the scope of testing and thus also the costs to the respective circumstances of your specific case.

And the best thing about my survey reports is: in almost every case, they pay off themselves solely through the savings which can be achieved on the basis of identified repair or service needs on the vessel.

Standard Checkpoints

With the “standard” test program you will  already get a very good impression of a vessel’s condition while at the same time keeping the survey costs low. This variant is suitable e.g. if you are in an earlier phase of the selection procedure.

However, if your purchase intentions are already more focussed on a specific Yacht, you can flexibly choose from a list of advanced check points in order to get a really comprehensive status report (see sample report below).
All Survey Reports include:
  • a complete and thorough photographic documentation
  • a detailed list of defects
  • as well as recommended repair and maintenance measures.


The Rates below apply to all Boats and Yachts up to a Length of 55 feet and an Age up to 30 Years. Click the “INSTANT QUOTE” Button to calculate your Survey right online. For Survey Rates outside these Parameters, please contact us.

from €15,00
per feet
  • Min. Length 21 Feet
  • extensive Inspection Programme
  • optional Checks available
  • incl. Survey Report
  • 3-4 Days Delivery
from €7,00
per feet
  • Min. Length 21 Feet
  • FRP calibrated Meters
  • optional Thermography
  • incl. Survey Report
  • 2-3 Days Delivery
from €5,00
per feet
  • Min. Length 21 Feet
  • Reference Electrode Testing
  • Bonding System Check
  • incl. Survey Report
  • 2-3 Days Delivery

All Prices include 20% VAT.
Additional Travel Expenses may apply depending on the Location of the boat.


A few impressions of defects identified with Pre-Purchase-Surveys: