In the following you will find information on the process of a typical Pre Purchase Yachtsurvey as well as a checklist for the best possible organization of the inspection on site.

For a full scale survey inculiding sea trials, the whole process will usually take around two days for yachts of 40 feet length and larger.



Pre Puchase Yachtsurvey: Hull Inspection in Italy and Croatia

The inspection of the hull usually marks the start of the survey and, in addition to checking the underwater section, also includes checking all through-hull fittings as well as the steering and propulsion system.

If a moisture measurement shall be carried out, it is advisable to store the boat on dry dock for at least 3 to 4 days in advance in order to ensure plausible readings.


Pre Purchase Yachtsurvey: Deck Inspection in Italy and Croatia

The next step is to inspect the deck and the superstructure as well as all hardware in these areas – from the anchor gear to the navigation lights to the railing.

In this phase, special attention is also paid to the hull-deck connection, as this part represents a particularly critical function for the structural integrity of a boat.


Now we get to HULLthe heart of every boat: the machinery including the associated peripherals.

All structural components such as stringers and bulkheads are also checked during this phase.


Pre Purchase Yachtsurvey: Interior Inspection in Italy and Croatia

The next step is the inspection of the entire interior as well as all comfort and cockpit systems.

If desired, a thermographic inspection of the electrical equipment (switchboard, etc…) can also be carried out in this phase.


Pre Purchase Yachtsurvey: Sea Trial in Italy and Croatia

If up to this point it has been ensured that the boat is seaworthy, the sea trial follows. A detailed schedule of different maneuvers (such as “back-down” test and “wide open throttle test”) is defined with the skipper to ensure that all critical systems are loaded accordingly in order to check their proper function.

Of course, the schedule can differ slightly from this order depending on the individual situation on site. As a rule, however, this procedure has proven itself very practicable as it allows possible defects and suspicious factors to be identified in advance and then to pay special attention to them during the stresses of the sea trial.


In order to ensure a smooth process for everyone involved, please find below a list of all organizational matters that need to be clarified in advance of the survey. Of course, we are happy to support you with all these steps.

Obtain the owner’s consent for the survey

Certainly, every survey requires the owner’s approval.
Responsibility: client, broker

Ensure insurance coverage

In case that a sea trial is desired it must be ensured that the boat has a valid hull insurance coverage.
Responsibility: client, broker

Skipper and Crew*

In case that a sea trial is desired it must be ensured that the boat has a valid hull insurance coverage.
Responsibility: client, broker, owner

Schedule the haul

Note that in the case of a moisture measurement, the boat should be taken out of the water at least 3 days before the survey.
Responsibility: client, broker, owner

Remove covers

Winter covers need to be removed prior to the survey and put back afterwards if required.
Responsibility: client, broker, owner

Ensure access and documents

Make sure that all the necessary keys (entrance, engines) are available for the survey. In the case of a sea trial, also the necessary registration documents.
Responsibility: client, broker, owner

*) Note: It makes sense to start with the inspection of the hull on dry dock and putting the boat back to water for the test drive at the end of day 1 or the beginning of day 2. Should an external skipper be required, he or she is ideally available in the morning of day 2.