When away from your yacht

Particular when a vessel’s berth is far away from home, a reliable representant of the owner on site can contribute a lot to a better ownership experience and at the same time save you good money.

Experienced Boaters know that managing a Yacht from abroad can sometimes be a quite disappointing task. Commissioned Repairs or Refits are not carried out properly to the desired Standards of Quality… Valuable Holiday Time gets lost to eliminate defects from bad on-site care prior to head the seas… and so on, and so on.

As your trustworthy representant with a good knowledge of the local boating industrie’s standards, I will take care that your commissioned orders will always be carried out to your satisfaction and that will just pay what you got and that your Time on the Yacht will be solely spent for Enjoyment rather than dealing with Problems.

Repair and refit supervision

Thorough Inspection, Documentation and Supervision will guarantee that Repairs or Refits will be carried out with Quality.

insurance claims assistance

With more than 10 Years experience in handling Insurance Cases, I will take care that your Claims will be settled correctly and as quick as possible.


Pre- and Post Seasonal Inspections will assure, that your vessel is always properly prepared. Either for your Holiday or for the Winter Rest.


You want to start your holiday away from your place of berth? Let me transfer your vessel to your desired port of Destination.


As these kind of Services are very individual, please drop me a short Message with your Request and I will get back to you for a personal Quote.